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Madrona Venture Group

Madrona Ventures was one of the first venture firms in the Seattle area and is known for its many successful investments. But they weren’t getting invited to the table as often anymore. Entrepreneurs perceived Madrona as the old guard, not in tune with the times. This was a classic case of a reputation being unfairly stuck in the past, because this was a team who clearly had its hand in the Next Big Thing. Through a series of dynamic input meetings, GKD worked with the executive team to revitalize the company’s brand and articulate their passion for the venture business. Inspired by the brand strategy sessions with Madrona principals, we created the “We Fund Success Stories” positioning platform. We then took this positioning to the web, creating a unique venture firm online experience that invites exploration and keeps the focus where it belongs—on the entrepreneurs themselves.

“My favorite thing about working with GKD is that you always push us to define what is uniquely us. Every VC website is the same, and you made us stand out. Now, of course, everyone is ripping off our site, but no other design firm would have built the site you did. You think differently and distinguish your clients from everyone else.”
—Elise Hebb, Director of Investor Communications, Madrona Venture Group



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